Monday, September 1, 2008

A "Loyal American" Just Hit Me!

Only an American would visit a foreign country and even think of doing what three Yanks just did to me. Here's the skinny:

I was walking my dog along the lake front boardwalk in my 'hood a while ago when I got hit in anger for the first time in my life.

I was wearing my Bush Lied / They Died t-shirt with the names of all of the service people killed in Iraq through Aug 2007, when I bought the shirt on-line. Three 20-something louts, half-drunk at noon - probably because Americans don't realise that Canadian beer is real beer, not the watered down mother's milk that Bud and Miller and Coors sells in the States so they get drunk much faster - were walking towards me.

One of the three stopped and shouted square in my face, "You Canucks really piss me off. I'm an American, pal, and I fucking resent you assholes telling our president how to run America!"

Looking back at him as squarely in the eye as I could - in his semi-inebriated stage, his gaze kept shifting so it was hard to know where to look - I replied, "Well, I'm an American too, pal, and I resent Bush being president and resent him telling me 935 lies to stage a phony war."

With that, the guy slugged me, aiming for my head but sort of hitting my shoulder mostly by accident; I wasn't hit hard enough to lose my balance let alone fall. As I stood there in stunned amazement, his two buddies pulled him away and headed into the park.

I wasn't hurt, just surprised. This being Canada, strangers immediately crowded around to see if I was OK and two lifeguards on the beach who saw the incident happen went chasing after the trio. Not sure if they caught them.

My dog was no help at all, being much more interested in a bag of chips one of the three was holding than in the fact that I was a victim of grevious bodily harm.


Noevadeaux said...

Although I don't know those three arseholes, Charley, I apologize on behalf of all the intelligent, nice Americans for the idiot's actions.

It's totally deplorable, but sadly typical in the currently red state where I live.

Rest assured the majority of Americans (I hope!) are not like this, although for the last eight years, we've appeared that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read this.

I've got a few incendiary shirts and buttons of my own. And a big mouth.

But I know *my* dog would take a piece out of anyone that got within striking distance. Especially male. He's 55 lbs and when we walk he is on hyper-alert to protect me from everyone and everything. (He is convinced the mailman is a serial killer that will do me in one day)

Unfortunately it is the very type of American that struck you that is going to vote for Sarah Palin. Not because she's qualified but because she's "hot".

We should all be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Your lucky to live in Canada. If you wear certain visual displays in the US, that don't conform with the "decider" - you join the database and might get a free trip to a c-camp, thanks to the pukes in power.
The vietnam protests & draft are gone for good here. Too many spys and cameras to "speak out" against the NWO.
Hope to join you in Canada someday, perhaps before Iran.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy; does somebody need a hug?

Anonymous said...

I write action-adventure novels for a living, so I'm going to give you a little advice on your, uh, story.
First, how do you know he was aiming the fist at your head? Are you telepathic? He'd have to be a lot more than "semi-inebriated" to miss by that much. Second, your dialogue is isn't believable. Drunk people don't reason that well and suddenly confronted people don't render nifty speeches. The whole thing sounds like the sort of fantasy that constantly plays out in liberal's head but never comes true. And no, blogging it does not make it true.