Saturday, July 4, 2009

UPDATE: Is Goofy Sarah About To Be Indicted?

It seems that about-to-be former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is in serious trouble, which may explain her bizarre, rambling resignation yesterday.

Brad's Blog is quoting multiple sources saying that the US Dept. of Justice is about to indict her on embezzlement, charges dating back to her days as Wasilla mayor. Apparently, when she had the municipal sports complex built, the contractor - who also contributed serious money to her mayoral and gubernatorial races - allegedly looted the construction site to slip windows, wood and workers to the Palin's for their new house on the lake, all gratis.

As I reported on Friday afternoon, senior people from the McCain presidential campaign who worked with Palin were totally flummoxed by her sudden resignation. One said to me almost as soon as the news broke, “She was a disaster campaigning for vice president and she isn’t any less of a nightmare back home in Alaska.”

My own additional reporting late Friday afternoon and Saturday morning backs up the Brad Blog assertion based on his fine, early reporting. Before the right wing goes bonkers, the probe was launched when Bush was president and in control of the Justice Dept. Now, however, DoJ sources declined to confirm or deny the report to me, a statement usually made when there is an ongoing investigation. If there were no basis to the rumours, the DoJ quickly denies any such possibility.

As Paul Krugman writes this morning at his blog, those "whom the gods would destroy, they first make Republican governors."