Wednesday, July 8, 2009

UPDATE 4: Goofy Sarah Blames Reporters So She Invites Them To A Fishkill

When will this nonsense end?

Barely four days ago, Sarah Palin blamed the news media and citizens demanding accountability for her quitting as governor in that weird “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore” resignation speech she gave on the banks of Lake Louise. But to give journalists – if not concerned voters – one more kick at her can, Tuesday she invited the three major networks, CNN, Fox, Time and a handful of other reporters to her family’s private fishing beach to, well, actually I’m not sure why they were invited.

Nor do I understand why the media scrum climbed hurriedly into rented cars, vans or bush planes to head into the woods to talk with her. Did any of them really expect Palin would suddenly turn all serious and thoughtful and coherent, giving answers that both made sense and were introspective? She hasn’t made sense once since her vice presidential nomination last fall so what made reporters, and their editors or producers, think things would be different yesterday?

Apparently, reporters on the Alaska Watch did because one after another supposedly Serious National Journalist stood there as Palin, garbed bizarrely in fishing waders that Rachel Maddow gleefully satirized last night, repeated her non-sensical utterances. At one point, she even waved her arms and whined, “You’re not listening to me!” at NBC’s Andrea Mitchell who asked why she thought quitters are winners a second time when Palin didn’t answer Mitchell’s original question.

Like any narcissist, it is clear Palin enjoys pressing on a bruise – exposing herself to reporter’s questions – because it feels so good when she stops.

Anyone less notorious than Palin would have been shunted off to a psychiatrist by now for serious treatment aided by serious medication. This woman who but for the grace of the American electorate, might be living at the Naval Observatory as Vice President of The United States right now instead of where she belongs, in a tasteful pale blue suite at the Menninger Clinic is acting in a totally strange way.

Families of the mentally ill are cautioned not to enable crazy behaviour. The mainstream news media might thin about following the same advice and stop enabling Palin's craziness. When Billy Carter admitted being an alcoholic, Johnny Carson told Tonight Show viewers he would no longer make jokes about the man “because he has a serious problem and I don’t make jokes about people who are ill.”