Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Official: The Stupid Season Has Arrived.

Forget about Iraq, the environment, the economy, gas prices, unemployment or health care. The Associated Press and Yahoo teamed up to find out what's really important to voters.

Moments ago, it was announced that people would rather barbecue burgers with Barack Obama than with John McCain. No kidding.

While many are still deciding who should be president, by 52% to 45% they would prefer having Obama than McCain to their summer cookout, according to the poll.

Men are about evenly divided between the two while women prefer Obama by 11%. Whites prefer McCain, minorities Obama. And Obama is a more popular guest with younger voters while McCain does best with the oldest.

Having Obama to a barbecue would be like a relaxed family gathering, while inviting McCain "would be more like a retirement party than something fun," said Wesley Welbourne, 38, a systems engineer from Washington, D.C., quoted in the Yahoo article about the poll.

No word yet on which candidate people would prefer having a beer with at the corner pub. It’s probably too early in the campaign for the beer poll.

The results are at

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