Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Brilliant Choice!

Although I’ve supported Barack Obama since he announced his candidacy, I've always been impressed with Joe Biden – as a candidate and as a Senator. I could not be happier that he’ll be the next Vice President of the United States of America.

I grew up in Minnesota where Hubert Humphrey was our summer neighbor for many years. As he often did on a Sunday afternoon when he was home while serving as LBJ’s vice president, he and Muriel invited our family and several others living nearby on the lake to a Sunday BBQ. Humphrey had read a lot about the vice presidency after taking office and when he, my Dad and I were talking with him one Sunday about the office he said (andI am paraphrasing; after all, it was 40+ years ago), “the best vice presidents have been the ones with the guts to say to the president, ‘That’s nuts! Don’t do it.’”

I am confident that Biden will be a superb complement and addition to the Obama White House, partly because I’m certain that there will be times when he will have the guts to say to Pres. Obama, “That’s nuts! Don’t do it.”

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