Friday, August 15, 2008

Another GOP Voter Switches To Obama

When I logged into my e-mail this morning, I found a note from a friend who has voted Republican for years:

OK, so you got me to change my mind.

I changed my voter registration yesterday and am voting for Obama on Nov. 4.

Why? Because of two reasons.

First, I saw a truly reprehensible McCain ad on television that is nothing more than a carefully disguised racist smear. I don't remember if it was done by the McCain campaign or some outside group but it was disgusting.

Secondly, I read an excerpt from Obama Nation by the guy who started the whole Swift Boat shit back in 04. I didn't believe that crap then and now that what was once called The Grand Old Party is doing it again, I've had enough.

Between this stuff and what my kids have been telling me ... not kids, really, since one is at university and the other has her degree, and really thinking about what has happened to America under the GOP, I have no choice but to vote Obama.

Figured this will make you happy.


Obviously, it does make me happy but, more important, it shows the tiniest beginning of a trend of so-called "staunch" Republicans fleeing in horror from McCain and the Republican party. Maybe America is starting to wake itself up.

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Anonymous said...

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If you follow your own guidelines above your entire column should not be allowed to be published on your site!

Anyway, it is nice to see you are back to writing fiction.