Saturday, September 6, 2008

Interview Sarah? “Not In The Campaign’s Interest.”

OK, so like every other major, minor, would-be and never was journalist in the world, I want to interview Sarah Palin. Yet when I called McCain’s campaign headquarters in McLean, Virginia, I was told “She’ll be made available for interviews when it is in the best interests of the campaign.”

Excuse me?

“She’ll be made available for interviews when it is in the best interests of the campaign.”

A woman no one outside of Alaska ever heard of before last week is running for Vice President of the United States of America, purportedly the second-most important job in the country if not the world, yet reporters are being told the overarching consideration of the McCain organization is “the best interests of the campaign.”

What happened to the best interests of the United States? Isn’t that what presidential elections are all about?

So why are the boys and girls on the bus – excuse me, reporters on the McCain-Palin campaign plane – sitting quietly in back with their hands folded instead of throwing food over the top of the bulkhead, demanding she be made available to them? Why aren’t they shouting “Give us Sarah! Give us Sarah!” out loud every time the charter takes off, every time Palin comes out of hiding to stand next to McCain at some carefully orchestrated photo op, whenever a campaign official pops out of his or her hotel room in the morning.

Drown out McCain when he’s giving a speech, if necessary; shout questions out to her with a bullhorn if that’s what it takes; refuse to cover any of the campaign if the Republican media machine stands in your way.

Do your bloody job, you whimpering band of so-called professionals. What are you afraid of? Being denied “access?” You’re not getting access now so there’s nothing to lose.

You didn’t do your job and the country was lied into in Iraq. For God’s sake, do it now.


euddoggwyn said...

I'm afraid that you have crossed the Rubicon with your last post about Sarah Palin's supposed racist remarks.

You simply do not have the luxury of going back to "normal" posting like this.

We need to see follow up, proof, or apology.

Don't toy with us. Tell us that you have contacted the waitress Lucille and are working on a follow up, or close the discussion forthwith.

This is very irresponsible blogging; you have yelled fire in the theater and need to step up.

IludiumPhosdex said...

So much for the official patsy about allowing media interviews "only when it is in the best interests of the [McCain/Palin] campaign:" Are they, perhaps, "waiting for the proper signs," not unlike North Korean propaganda, to determine when such will be allowed?

And how do we know they're not secretly consulting fortune-smellers for "advice" on these same "proper signs"?

Anonymous said...

The Internet.... gotta love it.

A place where some lying hack with a computer can call himself a "journalist".

EzMun said...

I also blogged about this issue myself. This is crazy talk that a campaign would even suggest such a thing and even crazier that the so-called "press," traveling with this side show would dare go along without a revolt.

If there were any doubts before, this issue should answer the question that we are truly experiencing the death of journalism. Whatever it is that we currently have, it's some form of entertainment and a dose of information. But journalism it is not.

Miss Caldonia said...

Thanks so much for exposing Sarah Palin. If she wanted to ban books, she is not fit for the Vice Presidency. If she lied about the "bridge to nowhere," she does not deserve to the Vice President. Keep on writing and doing your wonderful investigative journalism. Maybe the MSM will pick up on some of your findings.

Jane said...

Again, thank you for doing your job, despite the invective being heaped upon you from those who don't like what they hear about their 'favored one'. It seems the empress' clothes are fading before our very eyes. Can't wait to see what else is revealed.

JohnRadio1 said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you for posting this article.
As a Christian myself I don't believe her hype. The sad part the group of people who suppose to have wisdom and discernment cannot see through this mess. I knew from her speech it was all about her and whatever she can do to get her way ... Christian should know the different between a sheep and a goat!!!

Anonymous said...

So much for McCain's "Country First" slogan. He is showing every day how desperate they are to win and will say or do anything to achieve it. They want everyone to trust them and take Sarah for what they want us to know she is rather than see her true self and evaluate for ourselves. Way to go McCain. After 8 years of self service to the Constitution and our rights, I am not going to give up my right to an informed opinion! Maybe you should see this before you form your opinion:

Cincinnatikid said...

What a surprise! The McCain campaign doesn't want Governor Palin to be interviewed with a Left-Wing Propagandist! Who would have figured.

As is obvious from your prior hit pieces, being interviewed by you would be about the same as being interviewed by that MSNBC attack dog, Keith something . . .what would be the point?

Candidates should only allow interviews by REPORTERS or JOURNALISTS - people whose personal political beliefs take a backseat to their desire to fairly question candidates impartially.

You are not a JOURNALIST - you are a bomb thrower, looking for "Gotcha" responses.

I am, Michael Davis