Monday, September 22, 2008

New Michael Moore Film “Slacker Uprising” Free On-Line Tomorrow

If you didn’t receive the e-mail announcement or see anything in the media, Michael Moore is making his new film Slacker Uprising available for free all day on Sept. 23, beginning at midnight.

“It's also one of my contributions to help get out the vote November 4th,” Moore said in a letter to his e-mail list.

So, he’s giving “blanket permission” for anyone to download the film, e-mail it, burn it and “share it with anyone and everyone in the U.S. and Canada.”

The film premiered in Ann Arbor MI last Thursday, according to this news report.

There are four ways to download the film:

1. will provide standard resolution streaming, free of commercials and advertising.
2. Amazon Video on Demand will provide a high quality version of the above stream.
3. iTunes allows anyone to download "Slacker Uprising" on their iTunes, iPod, or Apple TV and view it either there or on a television.
4. Hypernia is providing bandwidth, servers and management to host "Slacker Uprising" online, it can be downloaded and viewed any time, or it may be burned onto a DVD.

The legendary, iconic filmmaker says, “I want to encourage you to screen this movie with large groups. I believe it will inspire our get-out-the-vote efforts at a time when we need to get millions registered in the next two weeks.”

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