Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin's Drug Eating, Party Hearty, Family Tragedy Revealed

The right wing chortled and chuckled and sputtered when The National Inquirer revealed John Edwards affair with a campaig aide. Let's see if what their reaction is this week when the same newspaper prints documented evidence that one of her kids - Track - used a variety of recreational phramaceuticals before enlisting in the Army. Moreover, the paper quotes numerous soruces as saying Palin's pregnant daughter was a heavier partier than her brother.

My point is not to toss brickbats at a pair of kids who are clearly rebelling against tragic lives. Rather, it is to highlight the hypocracy of Gov. Palin's carefully honed image as an all-around great Mom to her Leave It To Beaver family.

An advance peek of the Enquirer's article is at


JohnnyRussia said...

I thought you might appreciate my blog post on this topic:

Cincinnatikid said...

Let's see, Governor Palin's children might have been drug users? According to the Democrat Party, that should make THEM qualified to be PRESIDENT . . .

I don't know about you, but I PERSONALLY am RESPONSIBLE for MY ACTIONS - NOT my parents. Of course, Liberals aren't used to anyone EVER taking responsibility for their own actions - I guess that's why you want to blame Governor Palin for the possible actions of her children. .

Let's not forget that deified Leftist, Barack Obama and his YEARS of self-admitted cocaine abuse. . .

JohnnyRussia said...

Sorry, Cincinnatikid, but your post is a load of b*******.
Your cliché-spouting leads me to surmise that you must be one of the legion of talk-radio/FOX NEws zombies."
BTW: Obama admits "using" cocaine as a young man; there has never been any indication whatsoever as to him "abusing" cocaine.
Huge difference.
I'm a "liberal"---don't you just LOVE one-size-fits-all descriptions?---and I have no problem taking responsibility for my actions, including telling you that I think you are a sheep.
If you live in Cincy, you probably think Bill Cunningham doesn't have his head up his ass, too...