Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Video Documents McCain’s Volatile Temper

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films just released a four minute snapshot of people who know him – including countless Republicans – saying McCain’s temper and short fuse is of genuine concern to them should he be elected. John Hinz, the former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, bluntly states, “Do I trust him with the (nuclear) button? No.”

Anyone affected by or who is familiar with PTSD recognize all of the symptoms of someone suffering from it: Short fuse, easily angered, physical confrontation. It's understandable because he was a POW for several years. But being understanding of his deep-rooted and apparently untreated emotional problem does not mean this man is fit to be president.

Greenwald encourages people viewing the video to email the link on to others.

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Anonymous said...

And he's a wife-beater, too.
Arizona police reported multiple 911 calls from the McCain, in the nature of domestic violence.
Just a few months ago, Cindy's right wrist was in a cast. Just sayin'
He's a collaborating turncoat, stiffly bound now by his own demented quest. His face is a metaphor for his life; scarred, bloated, eaten up inside, to eventually die from it. Good riddance.