Sunday, November 2, 2008

New CD From ‘Billionaires For Bush’

Claiming that their checks to the Obama campaign were refused and the lobbyists rebuffed, the organization called Billionaires For Bush is fighting back. They ripped out every page from their old playbook, Fear and Voting in America, even going so far back as to plot another hostage crisis in Iran.

Now, with most of their eggs in John McCain's hand-basket, they fear the worst. So the group is shoring up its tax shelters and intend to ride this one out, but are sending this last dispatch before they may have to shove off for awhile.

The group has recorded a new CD at called Stay The Course which includes titles “We’re Spying On You,” “The Hurricane,” and “The K Street Tango” among 12 others. It’s available on-line for free.

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